Kami-Sama is a new tabletop board game from Kolossal Games. The goal of the game is to have the most points, you gain these points by placing shrines, earning villager cards, and completing goal cards. The catch is, every player is acting as a different god, also know as a Kami. Kami have unique powers and abilities that they’ll be using to alter the board state as they go.

In the first year, each player is given 3 action cubes. In year two you gain 4 action cubes and in year three you have 5 action cubes. You spend these cubes to help your Kami place, move and remove shines within the city and the surrounding fields and forests. As you place your shrines you’ll be gaining favor or nature and at the end of each year, You will earn victory points for the lowest of the two.

Along the way you’ll be gaining village tokens, which can be turned in for victory points. You’ll gain these by completing the yearly goal. If you have a set of all 4 tokens, they can be turned in for 6 vict

ory points. The tokens alone are worth 1 VP a peice.

Each year has 4 seasons and each player spends all of their action cubes on their turn but they may only play into the village directly in front of them, certain Kami being the exception. After all players have taken their turn, the board turns and each player has a new village in front of them, in which they’ll need to compete for influence.

The player with the most control in each village will get first pick of the village cards awarded. These rewards might include additional village tokens, points and even the ability to move shrines from one village to another in order to complete the yearly goals you were given.

The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Kami-Sama is family friendly game that’s available on Kickstarter and soon to be available in local game stores so check it out and let us know what you think!

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