The Grimm Forest Giveaway!

The Grimm Forest is an adorable and gorgeous miniatures worker placement game from Druid City Games. As many of you know, I have a passion for miniature painting but not enough time or energy to get around to painting much anymore given the whole running a business, raising a kid and maintaining a home thing. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t pay other talented artists to paint miniatures for me and that’s exactly what I did, except this time, I am giving a full painted set of The Grimm Forest away to one lucky winner!

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How do you enter to win? It’s simple! You get one entry for each social media account you follow us on:





You get 3 entries if you sign up for our mailing list here:

When Will the Winner be announced?

Monday, May 7th, 2018 the winner will be announced on a Facebook Live Stream at 7 pm PST!

The Artists!


Miniatures Mutated:

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Miniatures Mutated is a small studio based out of St. Paul Minnesota comprised of 2 artists.  Daniel Williams and Ben Waxman.  We pride ourselves on painting at a quality tabletop level for an affordable price. Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page for any questions or quotes.

Peace & Love Games

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Kristi Weyland is a content creator and the owner of Peace & Love Games, a website that creates fantastic content about tabletop board games! Kristi Weyland has a passion for photography as well as board games, so the progression to content creation was a natural one. In addition to her own content for Peace, Love & Games, she helps publishers and Kickstarters with social media management and photography. In her spare time she homeschools 2 of her 4 children, is in several RPG campaigns and plays more Star Realms than is probably healthy.

The One Tar


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The One Tar runs the Marketing for Deep Water Games who publish high-quality tabletop games in North America! They offers years of experience as a dedicated hobby gamer, social media management, and industry insights. They believe that “Board Games are for everyone and anyone!” You can follow them on Twitter or even support them on Patreon to keep up with their video work!


Mikey Astle


This little piggy was painted by Mikey Astle. He has no social media presence but when he’s not making films in Los Angeles, CA he’s spending time with his daughter playing board games and painting miniatures in Seattle, WA. He learned how to paint miniatures in an effort to be a more intimidating Game Master. His house is currently adorned with shelves filled with intimidating monsters ready to pounce on any unexpecting travelers.




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TurnOneThoughtseize is a podcast about the Modern Magic: The Gathering format where we discuss competitive and interesting decks, and the current metagame, however, they were kind enough to break out their dusty paint brushes to help us making this giveaway a reality!

You can see the images in their full glory in a gallery here!

Thanks again for participating and if you share, don’t forget to use our hash tag! #GrimmForestGiveAway!

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  1. Using only their wits, a handful of sharp steel tools, and a few stacks of resources gathered at great risk from fields, brickyards, and even the dark and deadly Grimm Forest itself, each player must compete to be the first to build 3 Houses and gain the title of Royal Builder.

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